Our full line of luxury, built-in appliances brings leading-edge technology that provides more options to prepare food in the best possible ways. You’ll find the perfect blend of innovation, precision and purposeful design for every kitchen, and every appetite.

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Cooking specialists

Tradizione - An ongoing tradition

An ongoing tradition

With 28 years of history, Pak Gas is ready to take on new challenges with its know-how and a globally respected Pakistani manufacturing style. With the same passion and an growing desire to specialize in the manufacture of cooking
appliances and the vast world that gyrates around the kitchen the vast world that revolves around the kitchen

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Cucine - Sharing taste, style and experiences

Sharing taste, style and experiences

For Pak Gas the product plays a leading role in the sharing of special moments and personal stories. Not merely a device for optimal cooking, but rather the expression of an Pakistani style that unites creation and imagination, making the pleasure of enjoying the “Good Pakistani Cuisine” together truly unique.

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Cook with style

Cucine - Versatile solutions for all tastes.

Versatile solutions for all tastes.

With a wide range of models and sizes that adapt perfectly to any kitchen space, Pak Gas cookers have an elegant and highly proficient design that provide exclusive and avant-garde performance

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Forni - The new Pak Gas built-in ovens

The new Pak Gas built-in ovens

The new collection of Pak Gas built-in ovens, characterised by innovation, aesthetics and technology, come in a wide range of models to choose from. Excellent performance is combined with stylish details, elegance and functionality which reaffirm the value and quality of their Italian design.

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