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Cooking Range

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Heera model

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Product Detail

High heat is sufficiently high, low heat is sufficiently steady to allow cooking at will..

Patented Jet Collision Technology, with a thermal efficiency of more than 60%. High-efficiency super firepower, saving time, gas, and money.

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Rapid ignition, no need to keep pressing, fast and precise ignition in 0 second

For Pak Gas the product plays a leading role in the sharing of special moments and personal stories. Not merely a device for optimal cooking.

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Easy to clean, worry free. .

1° tilt design allows liquid outflow easily , Portable cleaning, double handle design, easy to take, faster and more convenient to clean residue , liquid tray chamfer design, easier to clean

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12 safety protections

Multi-protection from the inside out, safe cooking guaranteed

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Technical Parameters

Dimension (H * W * D) (inches) 34*34*22
Body structure Heavy Stainless Steel Top, Panel and Sides With inner colored iron body
Top Mercury Tempered Glass
Burner 5 Efficient Brass Burner
Grill Heavy Black Casted Iron Non-Stick Trivets
Burn on imported Electric Auto Ignition
Thermostate Imported High Sense Double Way Thermostat
Glass Mercury Tempered Front Glass
Handle Imported High Finish Door Handles and Glass Sections
Gas Type Lpg/Ng

Installation Diagram

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